How to prevent hair loss?

How to prevent hair loss and baldness?

Today many men and even young men in their 20s, and sometimes even common between the ages of 17 and 18 are already starting to become bald. Baldness begins sight of “bays”, ie small bald patches on the sides of the head. Usually when baldness starts and is its early stages, with alopecia not notice it. Just as baldness or hair loss worse, pay attention to the great bays suddenly emerged. The person may find himself standing in front of the mirror and ask himself, “Where I had hair before 5-10 years?” The answer is that the hairline of the person retreated slowly over the years.

If not suffering from alopecia when she would take care of baldness its early stages, it can worsen and reach a situation much worse. Alopecia is like a cancer in a certain sense – as shown by her and treated early, so you can save your hair. Today, after thousands of years of humanity in the search for effective drugs and treatments for hair loss and baldness, that started in ancient Egypt, there are currently two drugs are scientifically proven to stop hair loss and baldness. Trade name drugs called “Rogiin” and “Propecia”, these drugs can also fight constipation.

The success rates of these drugs are high, and many people around the world use them to stop their baldness and in some cases even grow new hair.

A final solution to the phenomenon of hair loss and baldness?

Today, as of 2013, one can say unequivocally, because – there is a final solution against baldness. Just like many diseases that were once considered that they have no cure and treatment, and now with the development of science, treating these diseases easily. Using drugs can be written to stop the balding process. Also, there is a very effective treatment behalf hair transplantation, which is basically a surgical operation. The first transplant was done only in the last 100 years. Hair transplants ago, people were satisfied with wigs to hide their baldness. Today, you can “make do” Simply complete and without hair bald or sparse, through written treatments.

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation simple and uncomplicated, and not even fully anesthetized users to perform a hair transplant. Hair transplantation has been done using local anesthesia of the skin only. The patient does not feel pain during implantation. You can using hair transplant hair transplant B”mfrtzim “and complete the half-bald head, or in other cases, complete clearing of hair transplant. Hair transplant field has evolved in recent years, and today it no longer looks like “hair grass”.

And on the subject of hair loss in the future?

The future will be more effective therapies that allow to stop baldness once and for all, such as genetic modification and gene therapy. The study of DNA and the human genome is still under development and processes and it seems that this treatment will not reach us in the coming decades Sorry, but can always be surprises. Also, you may develop additional drugs for dealing with hair loss and baldness.